Smile meditation

Hi friends! Today I’ll guide you through a smile meditation. The act of smiling involves the movement of 26 different muscles. When we smile, we send an immediate message to our brain that we are safe. That everything is going to be ok. You can do this meditation seated sitting or lying down, standing or walking. Remember, comfort is key. You can also choose to close your eyes or to keep them open. There is no right or wrong here, what makes sense to you is the best way. By following my instructions bring awareness to your face and relax it. Slowly start moving your lips and bring a smile to your face. Pay close attention to the movement. Notice the lips, the cheeks, the muscles. Until your eyes. Bring the smile to your eyes.

Allow yourself to smile. Allow yourself to feel it and to be with it. You can ask yourself:
How does it feel to notice this smile in your face?
What kind of energy does this smile brings to your body?

Take good care of you, Manuela

P.S. – I hope this meditation was helpful for you. If you want to know more about mindfulness and meditation, visit my website and discover how I can help you to develop a strong and consistent meditation practice, in order for you to live a more mindful life and achieve greater well-being and happiness.



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