Relax into your body

Hi friends! Today I’ll guide you through a short body scan. This is an easy way for you to check in with your body, to connect with your senses, and to bring a mind-body connection. By noticing our body we naturally calm our mind.

You can do this meditation sitting down, standing or lying down. However, I would advise you to stop moving. Remember, comfort is key. You can close your eyes, or keep them open. And you can bring a smile to your face 🙂

Notice if there is any particular place in your body asking for attention. Any muscular tension, or pain? Or maybe, there is a lack of sensations and just the awareness of your body sitting or standing.

Take good care of you!

P.S. – I hope this meditation was helpful for you. If you want to know more about mindfulness and meditation, visit my website and discover how I can help you to develop a strong and consistent meditation practice, in order for you to live a more mindful life and achieve greater well-being and happiness.



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